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Vincent Yannucci was born in Warren, Ohio, and comes from a
musical family. Inspired by the Beatles performance on the Ed
Sullivan Show, he then took to playing the drums, congas, and
percussion instruments. Vincent is one musician who has never
been afraid to venture into multiple musical directions.
Synthesizing and blending house, blues and funk.
Now in 2017 Vincent has pumped out a fresh mix of sonic
sounds with the recording of “Whirlwind.” It is a strong follow up
to his 2010 “Second Wind” CD. With Mike Talanca at the controls,
Vincent brings in two time Grammy Award winning keyboardist
Billy Beck of the Ohio Players, Guitarist Rick Witkowski of Crack
The Sky, John Sferra and Daniel Pecchio of Glass Harp, Vocalist
Doug Thomas and Vincent’s nephew Vincent Louis Yannucci.
Needless to say, 2017 promises to be a rocking and exciting year
for Vincent Yannucci.

Now in 2017 Vincent has pumped out a fresh mix of
sounds with the recording of “Whirlwind.”

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Vincent Yannucci Writer / Producer/ Percussionist

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Updated 5/15/17